In 2018, GLSC leadership is:


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GLSC Board
President Eric Palmer president
Vice President Mike Davidson vp
Secretary Angie Garfield secretary
Treasurer Joe Garfield treasurer
High School Coach (Boys & Girls) Scott Dane hscoach
CASL Coordinator Cory Dykhuizen casl
Fields Coordinator Eric Clark fields
Webmaster Jim Teahan info

Club meetings are held every three months on a date and time and at a location announced on our Facebook page. Anyone with interest in Grand Ledge soccer is welcome to attend. Please consider following us on Facebook to stay abreast of club meetings, events and news during the year.

GLSC plays a major role in three major programs for the community:

Youth - The Youth program is a low level of competition for children 3 years old through 5th grade. Typically, a youth teams holds one practice and plays one game each week. Coaches are volunteers and costs are low. Each season runs for 6 or 7 weeks. GLSC provides goals, some coaches and maintains fields. Registration for youth soccer is through the high school athletic department. Players register for separate seasons in the spring and the fall each year. Cost is around $50/season which includes practices, games and a game shirt.

CASL - CASL is a medium level of competition for children 9 years old through high school. In general, players will play with their classmates and other children their age. Players must try out and, although the club makes every attempt not to, cuts must sometimes be made. CASL teams generally hold two practices per week and play one or two games on the weekend. Team coaches may choose to participate in additional tournament(s) during the year. Travel is generally limited to the greater Lansing area. CASL plays a spring season (March-June) and a fall season (September-November). Registration for the CASL program costs approximately $100/season which includes only the cost of practices, league games and administration. Uniform items, tournaments and travel expenses are extra.

Soccer Camp - Soccer camp runs for one week usually during the last full week of July. Camp programs are developed for children 3 years old through high school and typically run 1/2 day (shorter duration for the littlest ones). Camp programming changes from year-to-year. Program, camp dates, costs and registration information are usually announced on our Facebook page in February.

Finally, GLSC serves as a booster club for the Grand Ledge Comets high school soccer program. GLSC has contributed to a number of fundraising activities and capital improvements over the years and provides equipment annually for the high school program. Club members also provide support services at high school games.


If your young soccer player shows particular promise, you may want to consider higher-level teams in the Lansing area. Local club teams offer experienced, licensed and paid coaches to develop young talent to its fullest. Club teams also offer a higher level of competition and more travel. There are three "premier" level clubs in the Lansing area:

Michigan Rush Lansing

Cap City Athletic 1847

Chill SBC Soccer Club

Additionally, some Grand Ledge players have joined teams with the Grand Rapids club, Midwest United.

Tryouts for club teams usually are held in June of each year. Club teams will practice at least three times during the week and play one or two games on the weekends. Each season might consist of 8-10 league games and 1-2 tournaments. All "premier" level clubs provide some indoor, winter training and specialized training for goalkeepers. Players will be traveling throughout Michigan for games. Some tournaments may be played out-of-state. Costs can run from $700 - $1,500/year (both spring and fall seasons) depending on the number of tournaments and travel expenses.

Most club teams hold camps or training sessions during the year that allow non-club players to participate. You may want to try a camp or drop-in training session prior to trying out to assess the skill level of the players in the club and whether your child would be a good fit.


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